Are you tired of setting goals, making promises, talking about resolutions and then time passes with you making no accomplishments?

Are you DONE with the excuses, procrastination, self-sabotage and the people-pleasing that hold you back from living a fulfilling life?

Are you tired of your "old" stories affecting your "new" relationships, "new" goals and "new" opportunities?

Do you know that if you accept full of responsibility for your life and really honor your dreams that you will rarely let yourself down?

Stop putting the responsibility of your happiness on someone else. You have all of the resources, all of the wisdom and all of the knowledge you need to live the life that you desire. You are worthy and capable of living the life that YOU want to live and I'll teach you how!

This on-line LIVE class is for you if:


You are tired of having the same goal every year and never accomplishing it

You keep quitting that same diet program and keep losing those same 10 pounds

You are tired of making excuses and you are ready to make money and friends

You dread going to a job that barely pays the bills

You want to stop making everybody else happy at the expense of making yourself miserable


You just want to run away but you are not sure where you want to go

You believe in yourself but you need a little support

You suspect that something in your past is robbing you of your future 

You feel restless, uneasy and irritable and you are becoming hard to live with

You feel like your relationships are depleting you and leaving you feeling drained


I have coached amazing people for more than 25 years and I know 3 important things for sure.

  • I KNOW you want to feel successful (in whatever way YOU define it).

  • I KNOW you want to be loved — genuinely, for who you truly are.

  • And, I know, too, that you want to make a difference. You want to live a higher purpose.

This LIFE-CHANGING masterclass will teach you how to move beyond your limiting beliefs and how to change your your limiting behaviors so that you can move into your next level in life.

When: July 21 & 28, 10 am EST and July 22 & July 29, 8 pm EST

Class Starts July 21 ( Special Weekend Edition)

Where: From the comfort of your own home

Live Instruction and Action Steps

2 weekends of LIVE on-line instruction with implementable action steps.


Worksheets and Templates

Session worksheets and templates that help set you up for success.

BONUS: You'll also receive my e-book I Can Depend On Me for FREE!


Support and Accountability

Private FB Group for support, additional training and accountability.

What People Are Saying

Those just like you who've walked in your shoes are raving about how this class helped them to live courageously, authentically and fully.

" Hesitation is the breeding ground to capping my limitations...BUT no more. I say...Yes! "

" She showed what she could do...then she told them WHO SHE IS!! "

" Woooo hooo! Thank you! "

" Toot your horn loud enough and long enough "

" This has been AMAZING!! "

" Shining my light! "

" BRAVO!! Way to help people "

" Show up so you can go up!!! "

Learn what makes you, YOU. Get to know yourself. Welcome your inner power. Live a life of greater fulfillment, greater abundance, greater truth and greater joy. We seldom give ourselves the time and permission to live our lives fully. Take these 2 short weekends to invest in yourself. Live fearlessly, authentically and powerfully in the world.

YOU CAN DEPEND ON YOU to live a life full of passion, purpose and power!

A Little About Me...

I have coached amazing people for more than 25 years. I understand the challenge of dealing with life’s trials and tribulations because I lived through many of them. My story is not about getting knocked down; it is a story about getting up again…

And what I also know for sure is that the better you understand, heal and learn from your deep hurts, hidden scars and invisible wounds, the more effectively you can create a life that supports and satisfies you.

That is why I am on this mission. I am inspired to share my path, and I am committed to supporting others as they navigate their own meandering course through this journey called life….

I am committed to helping you Dare to Soar Higher so you can live the life that you were destined to live because I believe a place of greatness awaits when we discover who we are and recognize the power of our potential.

I am here to serve and support you, and you can start today.

SharRon Jamison holds a BA from Hampton University and a MBA from Nova Southeastern University; and is currently pursuing her Masters of Divinity degree at the Interdenominational Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a corporate leader in a Fortune 500 company and she currently serves as a minister at the Victory for the World Church in Stone Mountain, Ga.